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Silivenist (also known as Silvyshadow and Morning Dragon; born July 19,[1][2] 1982)[3] is a furry artist and fursuiter who lives in Texas, U.S.A.[3] His primary fursona is a North American River Otter.

Silivenist got into the furry fandom in 1996. His first convention was Anthrocon 2001, and he got into fursuiting at Further Confusion 2006, when persuaded by his friends to try it.

Since then, he has suited at several conventions and owns his own fursuits.[4] One of these is Shadow, a "Peregrine Falcon Leopard Gryphon" constructed by Realms of Enchantment. This particular costume debuted at the 2007 Texas Renaissance Festival.[5] He also owns several other suits, some of which are an Otter, Raven, Raccoon, and Dragon.


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