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Siinna (/(Siinna)/); also known as StephaniaArts is a half-Vietnamese, half-Swedish furry artist born January 13, 1992, living in Stockholm, Sweden. She identifies as a lowkey furry and displays her furriness through accessories like everyday collars, wolf pawprint necklaces, furry stickers, scarves etc and has an artist ID-tag.


Furry is only a hobby for her, her day job is at a large hospital as a medical secretary of Oncology. She lives with her fiancé non-furry mate Viking together with two cats Apollo and Artemis. She is also ethno-nationalist and conservative, something which is at times reflected in her art. Her orientation is demistraight and she is a very vocal advocate for straight fur representation in the fandom and is a female furry artist, something which is considered "very rare" according to some furries.

Siinna specializes in drawing and painting fan art of manga, anime, and video games, as well as ethnic arts, tattoo design, anthro furry style art amongst many others. She is also fond of videogame concept art.

StephaniaArts is her non-furry artist name. She used to be known as Wolfstarsilvestris when she was active on Deviantart where she submitted her first works and first came into contact with the fandom.

She used to be a hardcore Zelinker and Zelda fan in the past before becoming a furry artist.

Art education[edit]

She has a foundational program in traditional drawing and painting from Folkuniversitet in Stockholm.

Her art education is very diverse, notable are:

A manga-ka apprenticeship with former Shogakukan published Japanese manga-ka Yumono Yumano and a Celtic interlace mentorship with infamous Cari Buziak aswell as tuition by Saami artists Kislitsyn and Avander in knifemaking and concept art education at Brainstorm and mentorship with famous former Guildwars concept artist Xia Taptara, amongst many others.

Art styles range from toony (kemono) to semi-real/stylized realism.

Joining the fandom[edit]

After years of being a furry-in-denial, she officially joined the fandom openly in 2016. Her first con-experience was Nordic Fuzzcon 2017: "Japan Samurai or Superkawaii?".

Her art often features herself and Viking together. She designed Viking for her non-furry mate so she could draw couple art of them.


Siinna´s name is a combination of words derived originally from Saami language and alludes to snow and fire in their original forms. This name was chosen as a homage because the artist shares an intense interest in Saami culture and art.

It is a Eurasian wolf with black fur and red-gold markings.

The first iteration was created in 2010 as a white tundra wolf with a single scar.

The species was then changed to a Werewolf before finally settling for a Eurasian wolf to reflect her dual ancestry.


She was formerly Lead artist in the now-defunct furry Youtube podcast "The Furryous Squad" run by Xesh aka LastFlight in 2017.

Her work has also been featured in Furry Amino and European Furry Amino.

She participated as a volunteer poster artist for Nordic Fuzzcon 2017: "The Legend of El Dorado: A Pre-Columbian Jungle Adventure!"

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