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ShujinTribble (born 1969, pronounced SHOE-gin TRIB-ble) is a furry from New York, USA.

Shujin Tribble came by the name partly for his love of Star Trek, but also for the title his wife gave him. "Shujin" translates from Japanese as "Husband" or "Master" as in "Master of the house". It's given him no end of fun to explain it this way....

"If you visited The Addams' Family, Lurch would tell you, Master Addams will see you now. And for us, it was basically the same thing."

== Fandom Involvement Shujin's been in the fandom in one way or another since the mid 1990's; finding pictures via the still young internet, then connecting with others via YahooGroups.

His online presence has also included Second Life since 2007, where he's a regular at The Feline Conspiracy, as well as a DJ since 2009.

== Conventions After the loss of his wife in 2005, he was told to attend AnthroCon in 2007. Not only has he attended each year since, he's also taken over the 'Furry Femme Shoot' for AC, as well as hosting the 'Breakfast With Fred' panel since 2013.

Once work came out about a new FurCon in Toronto, Shujin shared his fun with 'Tiny Tribble' by attending Furnal Equinox since it's first year in 2010.

== Social Media / Art Sites

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