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Shub-Yoggoth is furry fan living in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Shub-Yoggoth took a leave from the furry fandom in spring of 2008 due to pressure and issues in life and a disillusionment with it as a whole, but returned in January of 2010 after the hiatus thanks to his friend and now ex boyfriend Black Mage Kitty and support from his close knit circle of friends.

Although he is still rather disenchanted with most of the fandom, he still has ties to it, semi-abandoning his Fur Affinity page, refusing to post any artwork at that gallery and limiting his activity to creating journals. He has now gone over to Inkbunny for posting his furry artwork, but mostly posting on deviantART.


His interests are and not limited to horror, the macabre, any and all things cyberpunk, Impmon of Digimon (no thanks to him being purple and loving the color), Lovecraftian creatures, demons and demonology, classical poetry and stories, fantasy RPG style games, and anything art related.

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