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Shroud (or Shr0ud) is a furry who lives in New Brighton, Minnesota, U.S.A. [1] (previously Buffalo, New York, U.S.A.)[2]

His fursona is a leopard with an ENFP personality type [3] and tries to live his life to the fullest. He loves to go urban exploring[4] and has gone on several trips in both New York and Minnesota. He has also begun creating various crafts, such as Harnesses[5], Tails[6], and collars for sale to the furry community. He designed and created most of his fursuit, with only a little bit more work required before he can show it off at conventions and other events. It has unfortunately taken more than a year to get to his current place.[7]

As part of MNFurs, he usually attends events such as the bi-yearly picnic and Furry Migration, as well as other small MNFurs gatherings. He enjoys going to the Suit-Up Saturday events, and has used them to showcase his custom-made harnesses to interested furs.

Recent conventions he's gone to:


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