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Tiki with arms open

Shoutmilo, real name Milo, is an artist and fursuiter from California, USA. He is known for his character designs, custom fursuit badges, and Pokémon speedpaints on his Youtube channel[1].

Personal Life[edit]

Milo was born in Massachusetts, USA and moved to Los Angeles, CA in 2013[2]. He began using Instagram as his main social platform in 2015, running a fursuit appreciation account before posting his own artwork. Quickly gaining an audience, he was able to take art commissions frequently enough to buy a fursuit of his own. His first two fursuits, both of the same character, Pest, were sold in 2017, allowing Milo to commission a new fursuit from Deerinahat of his mascot, Tiki. Since then, he has been regularly attending furry conventions as a fursuiter throughout the USA. He also runs an online store under the "Shoutmilo" name[3].


  • Golden Eagle - A male golden eagle. While he doesn't have a definite name, he is often nicknamed "Bird", "Eagle", "Gold" or "Maakotka". Has a griffon counterpart. [4].
  • Tiki - A cheery male batdog that is commonly associated with tropical aesthetics and pineapples. He is mainly brown and tan with green, blue, orange and yellow markings. He has no pupils and has dark brown wing-flaps underneath his arms. The suit was made by Deerinahat[5].
  • Hollywood - A flamboyant male sparkledog. He is mainly tan, white and dark red with blue, yellow, orange and pink markings. He has mismatched wings and wears a golden collar. This character does not have a fursuit counterpart.
  • Melrose - A fat male Pokémon hybrid between Ampharos and Snivy.
  • Fender - A brown male sea lion with stripes and blue markings.

Past Fursuits[edit]

  • Pest - A male weasel. This character has had two fursuits made of him, both of which were sold. The first suit, a partial, was made by Deerinahat and sold on April 7th, 2017 to Instagram user dogbreatth[6]. The second Pest fursuit was made by ColorfulCreatures and was auctioned off on May 24th, 2017[7]. His current owner is Instagram user Nerdyfurfamily and goes by the name "Miko". Shoutmilo still owns the character rights to the original Pest, who has since been redesigned to look different from his old fursuits[8].

YouTube Appearances[edit]


Shoutmilo has attended:


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