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Shot King (b. February 13, 1986) is a gay blue dragon living in Laredo, Texas, U.S.A. While he is not known in any particular area in the furry fandom and virtually unknown, he is slowly making a presence by offering advice and comments to any furry or friend in need.
Shot King drawn by Tremor Wolf.

Mini biography[edit]

Shot King, real name Blake, was born in Galveston, Texas, the middle of 3 children. His father worked for the gas company Conco Phillips as a maintenance supervisor while his mother was a housewife. His father's company relocates him around constantly across the site so Shot King didn't live in same location in Texas for no more then 2 or 3 years at a time until around 2008. He claims to have lived in Houston, Nacogdoches, San Antonio, Midland, and El Paso. Because of this, he has a fairly extensive knowledge about the culture and geography of Texas, something he takes pride in.

Throughout much of his life, Shot King grew up without parental guidance. This is due to that his mother died while he was growing up while his father worked a lot to support his children. While he had small acquaintances with others, he also wasn't liked a lot by his siblings or the kids at the various schools he went to. Combined with Asperger Syndrome that he was diagnosed with, he has difficulty making decisions, forming friendships with others, and coming up with new ideas, and multi-tasking which ultimately caused him to be really shy and reserved. Although he has improved over the years as he learns to combat these, he still acts in this manner today to some extent.


Shot Kings association and amusement with furries came from many sources. He was fascinated with anthropomorphic animals from many cartoons he spend watching throughout his childhood, ranging from classics such as Bugs Bunny, to cartoons new at his time such as Rocko's Modern Life. Part of this also came from his brother's hobby in fantasy where he learned of not just dragons, but other reptilian creatures where he found them to be mystifying creatures. This took him up to read on a few series such as the Dragonlance books. He's also a fan of the Koopa race and especially Bowser from the Super Mario Bros series. Later, when Pokémon hit the scene, he became further interested after seeing Chiazard and Dragonite which he states are his favorite pokemon.


In 2003, not long after his family acquired the internet, Shot King joined the community of Lemmys Land which is a site completely dedicated to Lemmy Koopa (one of Bowser's children). He choose this site as its one of the few active sites dedicated to Koopas which he's a big fan of. He did not submit much content, usually prefer hanging out in the forums chatting with fellow fans. In mid 2005, he quit the site and his mod board position after a dispute with a popular member and the main moderator on the boards, and he complained the site was being overrun by underage members.

In order to keep up with not only with the community and other fans outside of the site, but with Nintendo fans as well, he joined deviantART. While at deviantART, he slowly discovered other artists that had a obsession with anthropomorphic animals, something he had too but thought was non-existent. Some of these helped him open himself out and speak out. He also discovered certain fetishes such as fatness and vore which he still enjoys. While he still keeps in contact with his Nintendo fan friends, most of his account is devoted to the "other stuff". He joined Fur Affinity not too long ago to keep with other members that has since left DeviantART. Even now he considers himself more of an admirer of the furry fandom than an active member, citing that he doesn't have the "creative touch".

Shot King, the dragon[edit]

Shot King created his dragon character named after nick name, a blue dragon with a gold ring on his tail, after seeing many other members having at least one character. He mainly uses it for role-play purposes but plans to develop him more although he has difficulty doing so.

Hobbies, personality, and misc information[edit]

Shot King enjoys movies, mainly of action, thriller adventure types and occasionally those of the sci-fi and horror genres such as Indiana Jones, Die Hard, Back To The Future, and the James Bond series, and has a extensive DVD collection. He also likes to study nature, geography, and weather patterns. He also reads up on history and knows a good deal about life in the middle ages and plans to read up on other time periods. Shot King also enjoys video games, mainly from the older period as he feels newer games doesn't have addiction and special touch that older games once did. Although not a not huge fan, he enjoys some anime. He does draw from time to time, but mainly requests and commissions others for something he wants.

Although he may not appear to be the type, Shot King does suffer from consent depression and mood swings. He usually hides this as he does not want to appear to be emo. Shot King is described of being "kind, caring, and going out of the way for others, but slow and indecisive at times." His shyness keeps him from seeking companionship which he longs over.

Shot King considers himself gay although has been to known to act at least bi from time to time.


Shot King currently lives with his father and is seeking to move out one day. He also plans to re attend college after he dropped out for over a year. He was seen at Anthrocon 2008, his first convention. Despite he had a highly positive reaction to it at first, it turned to mixed feelings as the con goes further.

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