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Short Circut in her self made suit.

Short Circut (also known as Short or SneakyLynx; real name Dezy H; born November 8)[1] is a fursuit maker, artist and furry, who lives in the United States.[1] Her personal fursona is a sabertooth lynx.


Although Short's fursuits have a toony feel, they draw heavily from realism. Short is heavily inspired by the community when designing her suits, taking ideas and information from many different fursuit makers. She does not believe in using sewing machines or glue, instead hand-sewing all of her creations.

Short uses a large variety of materials when constructing her suits, not just fur and thread, incorporating fleece, felt, leather, sculpy, silicone and much more.

As of May, 2013, she is building up her fursuit business, Sneaky Lynx Studios, specializing in fursuits and other furry crafts. Commissions are taken on a regular basis.

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