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The Sholan Alliance is a series of novels written by Lisanne Norman. Although they are best classified as science fiction, they also include elements of fantasy and romance. Many of the main characters are telepaths, which is one of the major elements of the series.

Plot summary[edit]

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

A human colony on the planet Keiss has been enslaved by the reptilian Valtegans. When a crew of felinoid Sholans is conducting a routine survey mission on Keiss, their spacecraft is shot down and the survivors are stranded. One of the Sholans, Kusac, wounded and alone, contacts a human female, Carrie, who has suffered the trauma and wounds from her twin sister's death at the hands of the Valetegans. Carrie and Kusac are both telepaths, and unexpectedly, they soon form a Leska bond, which links them together for life.

Shola, the Sholan's home planet, eventually becomes the major setting of the stories, and the series delves into many aspects of the culture and history of the Sholans. Kaid, a member of a semi-secret organization called The Brotherhood of Vartra, first appears in the second book, and by the third book emerges as the third main character of the series. Indeed, more and more characters become prominent in each book, giving the series an ensemble feel rather than the tight focus on Carrie and Kusac of the first two books.

Book list[edit]

In addition to the books in the main series, listed below, the author has stated that she has several ideas for side stories. There have also been a handful of short stories by the author in this setting which have appeared in various anthologies by the same publisher.

The books are listed in order, left to right, top to bottom:

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