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Shiuk (born August 12, 1987), also known as Shiuk Salamander, is a gay furry artist whose fursona is a salamander. He is one of the top 20 most popular users on Fur Affinity, according to FA Rank.[1] He has attended various cons, such as RainFurrest 2009 (at which he was also involved in a panel)[2] and Further Confusion 2010.[3] He was born in Texas, and as of 2010 is living in Nevada.

Art & Style[edit]

Shiuk is a digital artist who has been posting drawings on the internet for around eight years.[4]



His main body of work is his involvement with the furry magazine, Softpaw. His contributions have been in the form of comics in separate issues. They are:

  • "Sleep Over", in Issue #2. He also drew "Tyler's Trouble" in the same issue, though this comic was written by Crassus.
  • "Little Red and the Big Bad Wolf", in Issue #3. Shiuk also drew the cover for this issue, which involves characters from the comic.
  • "Even Now", which was printed in a separate issue called Finding Avalon, by Softpaw Press. The cover for Avalon was also drawn by Shiuk.

Andres Cyanni Halden Novels[edit]

He created the covers for three of Andres Cyanni Halden's novels, specifically "Within Hallowed Walls", "A Single Quavering Note", and "Beyond Hallowed Walls".


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