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Shishi (also known as 44, D-shishi, D-LION, and D獅子; born c1988) is a Japanese amateur comic/manga artist.

Online activities[edit]

Shishi launched his website around 2006. He created his account on Pixiv, where he posted his first work, in 2008. Since 2009, he is mainly active on Twitter, where he has over 19,000 followers as of November 2016.


In 2009, Shishi joined Shinobu Ryugahara's dojin circle, Tale of Dog (犬のしっポ). [1]

In 2011, he drew the webcomic "Kemo kare", a comedy-romance between anthropomorphic males and human females. He published "Kemo kare special edition" with some guest artists.[who?]


Fan Fiction[edit]

  • Garchomp and Flygon


  • Kemokare
  • DrinkDragon
  • Shizuka Kageno (翳野静) from Inuzoribu (Dogsled Club)
  • Wolf Mafia and Hoodrum Dragonute (オオカミ若頭とチンピラ竜人)
  • Pi-suke and Mamemaru (ピー助と豆丸)



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