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Shinragod is a furry anthropomorphic artist from Newport Beach, California. His fursona is a raccoon named Chris Fuzz.

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About the artist[edit]

Shinragod is an anthro artist who creates furry artwork. He does both original and parody work. Some of his parody works are 'furry' versions of game characters, namely from game series like Kingdom Hearts and Guilty Gear; all of which he draws inspiration from. He is currently working on a web comic called Immoral Flame which is a Ratchet and Clank fan comic.

Immoral Flame[edit]

Immoral Flame is a Ratchet and Clank fan comic featuring shinragod's main Ratchet and Clank fan character named Sin. The story is currently in development and Chapter 1 has just begun. It can be found on Deviantart and Furaffinity.

Sly Cooper[edit]

Shinragod is also known for being a huge fan and fan char creator of Sly Cooper. His main interests revolve around Carmelita Fox, and three partners for her to work with. One is her British police partner Sarah Brendhart, the other a martial arts assassin cat named Mai Ling and a gentle red haired former gang member mouse named Mindy Gardoe.

The Fuzz[edit]

The Fuzz is a personal original series of pictures, and future comics Shinragod works on based off his own fursona Chris Fuzz. Chris Fuzz is a raccoon boy who lives with his adopted brothers, a fox named Mark Fuzz and a grouchy bobcat named Brian Fuzz. His best friend is a punk rat named Roger Halen. He has a red haired feline girlfriend named Ruth Campbell. She in turn has other friends, like a panda girl named Xu Chan,a hippie fox named Valerie Quinn, and a raccoon girl named Lola Henderson.

Chris Fuzz is an avid gamer and cosplayer. He is obsessed with anime, video games and art. His girlfriend Ruth Campbell takes a more interest in physical sports and has a body to show it. Ruth Campbell represents Shinragod's ideal girl, and Chris Fuzz represents Shinragod's outlook on how life should be lived.

Furry Cons[edit]

Shinragod's first Furry Con was CaliFur in 2009. There he worked as a vendor and sold original artworks, requests, badges and Zodiac trinkets. He plans to return to next year's CaliFur, but in a fursuit this time.

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