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Shinobu PandaFox or simply just Shinobu is a anime cosplayer and fursuiter who lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Shinobu's favorite species are nine-tailed foxes, red pandas, fennecs, cats, Siberian huskies, and sergals.[citation needed]


Shinobu has been in furry fandom since September 17, 2015. In August 2015, Shinobu attended Animethon 22 and in July 19th 2023 Shinobu attended Fur-Eh for the first time.


Shinobu's fursona is a Non-Binary[citation needed] biological male fennec fox-red panda hybrid going by the name Shinobu (しのぶ), which mean endurance in Japanese Shinobu pronoun is He/They but He/Him is mostly the default for Shinobu according to Shinobu thought on the development of his character:[citation needed]

I wanted to think of something that would appear unique for my fursona. I started researching animals and came across a Fennec fox. I thought to myself 'what should I combine it with?' and I came across a red panda while searching. I looked for someone who had the exact same fursona hybrid species, and came across nothing; I was quite surprised that nobody had combined these species. I wanted my fursona to be in a kemono style, but there aren't many fursuit makers who create such work, so I had to mix it up a bit to make it cute and unique.

On November 19th 2023 Shinobu commissioned a partial fursuit maker from Plymouth UK.

Shinobu's character is a bit like Radywolf, Vio, and Kehei, and wears various accessories (but not on a daily basis), as well as baggy clothing such as a pull-over hoodie. They have turquoise-coloured flesh, such as the pinnae of the ear; a 'weird' oval white marking on the back of the ear, a turquoise striped tail; cream-ish fur color similar to Vio, and small neotenous features, including a stripe of colour along the leg.


Shinobu's fursona is of a kemono style similar to Radywolf. Shinobu says:[citation needed]

I really love how Radywolf looks; the style, the facial sculpture, everything that is put into it just motivates me to create a character similar to Radywolf. What sucks is that not many fursuit makers offer kemono style fursuits but so far everything looks cute and adorable. I love the concept I came up with. I just love how unique Japan is.

Shinobu Kemono style ideas was scrapped and replaced with the typical toony style instead.

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