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Shinkou Ookami or Wolves of Night is a fantasy wolf roleplay forum created by Wyndbain. Players can join and roleplay not just wolves, but various characters from furry, human, and other fantasy creatures. All wolf species, even fictional ones, are allowed.

Shinkou Ookami was created on February 25th, 2002, in its first public debut on Neopets through their guild system where it was called Night Wolves Pack. It has since moved on to Shinkou The name Shinkou Ookami means 'Wolves of Night' in Japanese.

The website is run by Wyndbain, the owner and creator, along with five other administrators and one moderator.

The "SO team (Wyndbain, Felypsa, Zizzie, Aveilthe, Demin, & Kikuyoshi)" posted in 2013 that "we have decided to shut SO down. The reason is due to Proboards changing as well, and we decided we simply no longer have the will or desire to keep up with the changes."[1]

Though Shinkou Ookami itself hasn't re-opened, a successor site called Noctre Imperii was founded by former longtime SO members Relairah and Monkey, with the blessings of the old administration team. Lorewise, it picks up shortly after a great war between the three warring factions of Shinkou Ookami with all three packs merging into one.


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