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Shifters is a webcomic by Marie Tary and set in the fictional Shade City. It began in 1997 and the first major story arc ended in August, 2005. The universe of Shifters is inhabited by such fantastical creatures as lycanthropes (called shifters), vampires, various other magic races, and apparently technological races such as cyborgs. The fantasy races are shielded from the rest of the world by a semi-secret organization known as the Veil.

The comic follows the actions of a particular lycanthrope, or shifter, named Ferrah Rolly and occasionally referred to as Ferral. Ferrah is a Kinsmir, or a vampire/shifter mix. Apparently in the Shifter universe, most shifters bitten by a vampire die a slow and painful death from a virus in vampire saliva (it is this virus that makes someone into a vampire). Ferrah instead integrated the virus into her body and has become a much more powerful being than either a vampire or a werewolf. Kinsmirs are very rare, very dangerous, and there are more than a few people who want to see Ferrah dead.

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