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Shiden has attended furry conventions throughout the United States and occationally abroad, spanning more then 10 years since 1994. His hobbies include creating furfiction and hand-making fursuits in his spare time. He has often given money to charities held by furries and supports furry artists through a great multitude of commissions.

With all the events and commissions Shiden attends, his collection of furry-related products has grown amazingly in size. With over 200 fur related original works of art, three dozen plushies, over a dozen posters, and four one-of-a-kind fursuits, his collection is perhaps one of the largest in the US.

Shiden was first introduced to the fur community through webcomics he had come across back in 1992. He quickly grew interested in this phenomenon, and participated any chance he could. His favorite animal (and consistent fursona) is the fox, and he personally owns two custom-made fox fursuits.