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Shi the Chimera, also known as Shiloh, NightsOfStars, Night-the-Panthercat, and Frita Warmhart, is a furry artist based in Montana, USA.

Personal life[edit]

Shi is female and demisexual.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Shi is building a fursuit. She also casually wears costume pieces such as a set of ears, tails, and a collar.


Shi currently has three fursonas, one main and two alternate characters. Her main fursona, Shi the Chimera or Shi Chimer, is a cerulean blue chimera of reptile, feline, avian and shark DNA. She is most often seen wearing long black arm warmers, a red tube top with a cutout on the left side, a spiked collar and pleather leggings. She is laid-back and easy going, like rock and metal music, and is creative and friendly.

The first alternate character, Toxicity, is a large, two-toned, bioengineered "sabrewolf". His body is half-green and half-purple, with white markings on the purple side and a white tailtip. His purple side has white ears, toes, and a swoosh-shaped mark[clarify] on his cheek. He has large thick rimmed neon orange eyes with biohazard shaped pupils. His forearms and lower legs consist of thick biotanks of bubbling neon orange liquid and a pair of narrow tubes bulges from his back in the same way. He is brutal and mean, an embodiment of negativity and generally mentally unstable and unfriendly. He is incapable of dying and can be torn to pieces and reform like nothing happened.

The second alternate, Kiko, is a small chimera who is part canine and part reptile. The top half of his body is a fluffy chocolate brown with a white square muzzle with slitted nostrils and curved pointed ears. His back legs and tail are that of a sky blue lizard with darker blue markings. He is always seen wearing a hot pink striped scarf with three crystal charms hanging from it. Kiko is kind and sweet, and has social anxiety lessened by his scarf. He is shy, but pleasant to be around and soft spoken.

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