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Sheyenne (pronounced shy-AN) or Shey is a female animal and fantasy artist from Honolulu, Hawaii. She rarely draws anthropomorphic art, but she frequently draws non-anthro creatures. Her fursona, Sheyenne, has undergone many changes, though she is always a female canine. However, she is and probably will always primarily be a border collie; Sheyenne has always held an affinity with border collies. She also has a wolf fursona who may or may not share the same name, but this character sort of possesses a deeper connection to her on a more spiritual level.

Sheyenne discovered the furry community through the computer game Petz, a virtual pet dog and cat simulation. There was a link on a Petz fansite which led to the graphical chatroom Wolfhome, where she became exposed to furry art and the concept of having an animal persona, which began to mold her interest in art and her art itself.

Sheyenne has been unable to attend any furry conventions but really hopes to in the future when she relocates.

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