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Sherbert Shenanigans, also known as RedHotYamada, is a furry YouTuber from the USA.


Sherbert's character/fursona is described as:

A magical creature from another realm called Lylasia where different species of magical creatures are locked in a Magical Beast War. Immature and infinitely curious, Sherbert accidentally triggers a portal and ends up in our world. Without any knowledge about our world and our ways, he vows to become a hero here...and battles other magical creatures who make their way across the rift.[1]

Sherbert was created by K-LINE for their Showcase series, and Sherbert is commonly known for suiting up as him at conventions starting with Midwest FurFest 2016.[2] He also created an anime and manga featuring Sherbert as well. In April 2019, Sherbert debuted a new K-LINE suit, named Razu, while in livestream. Razu is a pink kemono-style rabbit, and has started appearing in videos on his Youtube channel.


Sherbert has been on YouTube since September 5, 2014. He mainly does comedy as well as videos about his travel experiences in Japan, music videos, convention videos, and live streams. He also does Virtual Reality as well. Sherbert had 13,701 subscribers as of December 10, 2018.[3] On December 21, 2019, Sherbert has 21,800 subscribers, 841,541 views and 114 videos.


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