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Portrait of Shenro by Strype.

Shenro, full fursona name Shenro Frostwind, (born April 10, 1988) is a male furry artist who lives in Alberta, Canada. His fursona is a black wolf with blue tribal markings on either side of his face.


An Anthro artist since 2004. Shenro initially started to draw his fursona in the multiplayer online community (MMOSG) game Furcadia, and has continued to draw anthro art since.


Shenro purchased his first fursuit in mid December of 2008 from Beastcub. The suit is a partial suit of his fursona. The construction took about 2 months, and arrived in Shenro's possession March 3rd 2009. Shenro kept the suit a general secret until Anthrocon 2009, though he did make some "sneak preview" appearances at his music store job with permission from his boss (whom was a large driving force in his decision to purchase the suit).

Events Shenro has done in suit:

Picture of Shenro at Anthrocon 09 Dance.
  • Interplay 2009 (In Fort McMurray Alberta Canada)
Picture of Shenro and MiniMike at Interplay 09.

Other work for the Fandom[edit]

Shenro did manage the unofficial Anthrocon group on Facebook from October 14th 2007, until he decided to close it on January 29th 2010. Reasons for the closer were for personal reasons, such as having lack of time to add meaningful content to the page. This allowed the official Anthrocon group on Facebook to expand it's membership numbers.

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