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The Shekwon pack is a group of Ethiopian wolf characters on The Lion King MUCK, first formed around 1997. At its peak, under the leadership of Jana and Akili, the pack boasted nearly thirty wolves. Many of the pack's problems stemmed from dealings with Keling, leader of a rival pack, but in time the packs came to an uneasy peace.

There was trouble from within the pack. The beta male, Jumnu, deserted his mate Saker and their young pups for the twisted lone wolf Dendrine, who planned to usurp the role of pack leader. Jumnu challenged Jana for the leadership of the Shekwons, and won, sending Jana into hiding with her mate Akili, and their heir Kali. By the time Jana returned, Jumnu had renewed his loyalty to the pack and his first family, rejecting Dendrine, and Saker had stepped into place as the alpha female.

The packlands were half deserted when the white wolf Arista, Jana's adopted daughter, returned. She led the Shekwons for a time, but lost interest. Without a new leader, the pack fragmented and faded.

The Shekwon pack was revived in November 2005 (with a revamped set of lands), led by Kali's son Aznu and his mate Aniu. The beta male, Amili, was the son of Shekwon guards, and had himself led the pack in the past before Arista's return. Most members of the reformed pack are descendants of previous Shekwon wolves.

This attempt proved to be futile as shortly after the revival of the pack, the Alpha pair mysteriously disappeared and the pack dispersed yet again.

Amili with his mate Zaghawa, determined to see the pack reborn, made another attempt to revive Shekwon in May 2007. After considering the lands bad luck, the newly appointed alpha pair, with their adopted daughter Amika and old packmate Bodhi, are considering leaving the lands of their ancestors and looking for greener pastures.