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This article is about the formerly Furry artist and writer known as Kawauso, not to be confused with the similarly-named Labrador fursona of Aresues.


Sha`yden, Shayde's primary fursona, shown in his tribal garb with Gurkha Kukhuri knife. Drawn by Shayde.

Shayde's fursona, Sha`yden, is a tribal-raised Marine Otter in his early twenties. His base-coat fur is an earthy dark brown or light burnt umber color, with black markings on his muzzle and throat. He has sand-colored, or light caramel, fur that extends from his muzzle, down his chest and stomach, to his groin. His hair is jet-black, either pulled back in a knot or allowed to be unkempt when not neatly combed. He is a heterochrome, his eyes being a vibrant green and lighter sea-blue-green. Typical of otters Sha`yden is an excellent swimmer. He is described as having a very weakly Australian-sounding accent.

Artwork and literature[edit]


Shayde is predominantly self-educated where art is concerned, and he creates all his artwork out of his home in California. The majority of it is in traditional media, where he specializes in working with pencils and watercolor.


Shayde's literature, similar to his artwork, is the result of mostly self-taught skills acquired through trial and error. He also examines the works of his favorite authors, such as Verne and Poe, for inspiration, as well as how best to effectively write in methods that reflect both his imagination and his reverence for those writers.

Shayde often contents himself by writing short stories of one-to-two chapters. He rarely writes anything longer, though he does hold himself to a two-thousand word-per-day minimum. He occasionally writes poetry where his influence by Poe is easily seen.

The genres of stories that Shayde is known to produce vary widely, covering romance, adventure, erotica, fantasy, the grotesque and macabre, and Lovecraftian horror. He submits his literature works exclusively to his account on SoFurry as a personal preference for the website's full-support for literary uploads. Shayde takes commissions, as well as requests, on occasion for both his artwork and his literature talents, though this is uncommon.

Artistic critique[edit]

Shayde prides himself on his ability to critique others. His method of critiquing is thorough, focusing on all aspects of the art in question from praising what would otherwise go unnoticed by other critics, to bluntly pointing out obvious, and less pronounced, flaws in the work while retaining a neutral stance and avoiding offense by inadvertently insulting the recipient's individual style.

When critiquing, his goal is to provide feedback which allows the recipient to ultimately enhance their artwork in their own eyes and encourage confidence.

Responses to criticism[edit]

When receiving criticism of his own work, Shayde prefers people to point out his flaws rather than praise him for what he succeeded in doing. Occasionally he will appear to look down on praise from others, and has been known to treat any and all criticism as constructive simply by virtue of a welcomed obstacle to overcome in his hobbies.

Shayde nearly always gives thanks for critiques on his artwork, and always enjoys getting a second opinion on what he does, which he will take into consideration in furthering his abilities. He attributes all of his current talent in both art and literature to his perseverance and the criticism by others, the latter he perceives as more important than emotional support of friends in regards to art.

Interactions With The Fandom[edit]

Beginning in early 2014, Shayde began to harbor feelings of discontent with the fandom while attempting to take commissions for the first time. After a poor experience with the art market in the fandom itself, and after observing the toxicity toward other members of the community who did take commissions, he began to express doubts toward the community. These frustrations, along with personal troubles, eventually caused him to withdraw from the community, temporarily abandoning all of his online art profiles.

Following this brief retreat Shayde announced in a July 2016 journal[1] that he was returning to the community. In this same journal he also announced a change in his identity, adjusting his online profiles to no longer display the name 'Shayde' as his online name and choosing to go by the name 'Kawauso'--a nickname he had been given in highschool-- instead. Although he states his reasons for this change as being that he was no longer comfortable with the name 'Shayde' the actual reasoning behind the change(if one exists) has yet to be given.

In November of 2017, Kawauso announced[2] that, while he still intended to maintain his Furry galleries, he was seceding from the fandom citing its toxicity, lack of community values, and the inclusion of mentalities borrowed from SJW circles and hate groups as his reasons for leaving, among others.

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