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Shawn "the girl" (born 1981 in Slidell, Louisiana, U.S.A.) is an artist whose fursona is a red kangaroo hybrid, often mistaken for a fox.

Shawn's interest in anthropomorphic animals in general started at a young age, thanks to cartoon animals, but she didn't discover the fandom until 2001. Her name, with "the girl" appended, was originally to make her gender clear to those she met online, and it has since stuck.

Shawn has been drawing since she could hold a crayon. As of October, 2008, she lives with her boyfriend, David, in the Greater Seattle area of Washington.


The first incarnations of Shawn's fursona are varied. She started off as a full-blooded roo, but was later given a fluffy tail, not unlike a fox, and has remained the same ever since.

Shawn is officially 50% Red Kangaroo, 25% Timber Wolf, and 25% Unknown. This relates directly to Shawn herself, who only knows 75% of her own heritage; her mother was adopted. Although they found her birth-mother in 2001, they are still not sure who her real father is.

Shawn the character has stared in two online comics (EyeCandy and Second Venture), and has also had a life on Tapestries as a pirate under Captain Dazzle Star.

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