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Rebecca Sharpe (born December 19),[1] is a fursuit maker who does minor taxidermy work on the side. She formally resided in a town west of Ann Arbor, southeast Michigan,USA.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Sharpe owns Sharpe Costumes. She also works with TesxaCoyote on Night Owl Creations.[2] Sharpe started making them in late 2008, September.[2] Sharpe does not consider herself a furry, but still enjoys interacting with the general public in suit.[citation needed]


Sharpe owns several personal fursuits:

  • Scout - A ferret, made by Sharpe herself.[3]
  • Zero - A liger, with two versions:
    • the quadsuit version, made by Pawsandclawsproductions and traded to Sharpe by Bixx-Katt for a fullsuit. Sharpe took possession of the suit in late 2011 (August or September) and shew has modified it (new head, new stilts, etc) since then.[4]
    • the toony full-fursuit version, which was made by Sharpe.[5]
Both versions of Zero usually with a Paopu Fruit plush toy created by Nightengale.

Convention attendance[edit]

Tyzin was a guest of honor at Great Lakes Fur Con 2015.[6]


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