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Ribster, Jab, Streex and Big Slammu, fictional sharks from Street Sharks.

Sharks include many species of cartilaginous fishes. They belong to the class Chondrichthyes, which also includes rays and skates. Sharks are among the most feared predators on Earth, frequently referred to[who?] as 'mindless killing machines'. They have been featured in movies like Jaws, Deep Blue Sea and Open Water. Shark faces lack expression, and they can't be petted. Brushing up against that sand-paper skin, with its minute dermal denticles, results in a rug-burn.

Sharks are swift, strong, silent and very well adapted to their lifestyle, remaining unchanged since the time of the dinosaurs. Shamanism attributes the shark with many fine qualities, including remorselessness and shapeshifting. They take the role of protector and savior. Sharks are gods of the sea and guardians of family, with the ability to move constantly, a connection to past knowledge, the ability to defend themselves and to never be caught off guard.

Kamohoali'i was the king shark god of Oahu and the elder brother of Pele. Each island of Hawaii has their own shark god, and many families have personal shark guardians, or aumakuas

The Great Hammerhead Shark (Sphyrna mokarran) is found in all tropical waters, in both the open ocean and costal areas. Normally 12 to 18 feet in length, these sharks are easily recognized by their strange, 'hammer' shaped heads. These are used as an advanced electroreceptory organ and for rapid turns. Hammerhead's usual hunting behavior is slide just above the seabed and detect living prey underneath much like a metal detector. Modern research suggests that the 'hammer' may have been a spontaneous mutation, since the basal species has the largest hammer of all.

Unlike other species of Hammerhead, the Great Hammerhead is solitary and dangerous to humans. They feed on rays, smaller sharks and many species of bony fishes.

Great Hammerhead Shark is one of the three hammerhead shark species suggested for Rokea characters (weresharks of World of Darkness RPG). They get a bonus on sight-based rolls and Social rolls with other Rokea (the system grants this bonus to all hammerhead species).

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