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Shane is currently an employee of EB Games, his dream job.

He is a director and concom member of Furnal Equinox, Toronto's largest furry convention. He is also the Charity Auction and Video Games organizer.

The charity for furnal equinox and Shane is the Mississauga Humane Society. Where he adopted 4 cats after his best friend of 13 years passed away. They are a non-profit organzation, with no funding from the government. They have no buildings, the animals are kept in foster homes, with the MHS paying for the food and medical care. They depend on fund raising and donations.

This year, Furnal Equinox raised $4,000 for the Charity, prompting the charity president to stay on the MHS board of directors, instead of leaving. She made the decision after receiving such a large single donation. Furnal Equinox will try to have her attend the con in 2012.

Shane was owner of which was taken down recently, due to inactivity. Shane also has an interest in Djing, Airbrushing and video games.

He can normally be found on his favorite forum