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World Gates
Author(s) David Anderson
Update schedule Irregular
Launch date October 31, 2003
End Date Ongoing
Genre Humor, mature, action, psychological, furry
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World Gates is an online comic set in a fantasy world called H.E.A.V.E.N. City inhabited by both humans and anthropomorphic creatures.


The comic is inspired by Sonic the Hedgehog as well as a few other comic book stories. Though the comic is for adults, it also has a comedy feel to it along with action, romance, and psychology. The comic is posted on Deviant Art and Fur Affinity.

A panel from the original version of episode IX of World Gates

Plot Outline/Arcs[edit]

Begining - Vilitan is from another world, which is believed to be destroyed, and finds himself in another world where him meets Violett a human girl. He is 19 years old and is in the appearance of a human, but is really a humanoid winged-fox called a Shamaton. Shortly afterwards, he meets two creatures and fights with one of them easily failing to hold his own. Vilitan befriends the creatures and now thinks he needs to get stronger if he's going to protect the people he cares about.

Under Ground - Vilitan goes to the Under Ground (an underground gambling area) to help find both Violett and Essence along with finding out what happend to Kitsune. This was changed in the Revisions.

Negative Zone - Jolly had used his powers to trap a Gateon/Hitosama that resembled Vilitan into a world called "The Negative zone" where he challenged him to a card game. After defeating the Gateon, a few of Jolly's siblings show up in the zone and explain that there is an entity that could mimic another persons appearance (namely Kitsune, Vilitan, Gate, and Ren-Ryu). Jolly is then put in a situation where he must use his true form in order to kill the copycat. Continuation of what happends to Jolly is later shown in the mini comic World Gates: J

Sin - Focuses around Essence, Jolly, and Sis. Essence encounters her boyfriend "Black", but due to her inability to recognize him and the fact that she is a Gateon, she is attacked and captured. Jolly having problems keeping his siblings a secret. Sis having a relationship with Eon.

J.E.M.U. - Side stories of the series have been made to focus of specific characters (J for Jolly, E for Essence, M for Mia, Meadow, and M.O.T.H.E.R., and U for Unused or Unseen). There is also a World Gates: J.E.M.U. series showing several characters from each world as well as 4 characters exclusive to the comic.

Revision - The comic undergoes a remake of the first 13 issues fixing plot holes and other inconsistencies to the story. It also reveals other characters who did not previously appear at certain moments.


Main characters[edit]

  • Vilitan Blusha - He is a Shamaton who had lost his memories of where he came from. It is revealed that he is from the first world (an alternate timeline to the current world).
  • Violett Siron - A friend of Vilitan who finds him in the ocean. She takes care of Vilitan for a few days before he finally wakes from being unconscious. She carries a hand gun, which is able to use special bullets, and fights Gateons.
  • Essence - A Gateon (demaon creature) who meets and befriends Vilitan and Violett after a misunderstanding. She has incredible strength and stamina (especially in episode 3 where she is tongue raped brutally by another Gateon). Essence is normally seen with her sister, Sis. Essence has sworn to never eat another soul due to her wanting to be less of the demon that she is. It is revealed in World Gates: E that she was human before becoming a Gateon.
  • Sis - Essence's sister who is a major glutton. She is mostly seen gorging herself with large amounts of food. It was revealed in World Gates: E that Sis' true identity is an S-Class Gateon named Gluttony.
  • Ren-Ryu Blusha - Vilitan's older brother who finds himself in H.E.A.V.E.N. City's old town where he saves a young women by the name "Feala" from a Gateon.
  • Kitsune Urufu - a sexual themed fox who approaches Vilitan with interest in whether he is a virgin or not. Often distracted with her sexual antics, Kitsune is know for pouncing, flirting, masturbating, and groping other characters of the series. It was revealed in World Gates: Revision that Kitsune shares her body with a human of the same name and that the two switch places from time to time. Even though Human Kitsune is a virgin, Fox Kitsune is using her body so Kitsune deflowers her human counterpart without thinking twice.
  • Eon Lyon - a wolf who decides to teach Vilitan how to fight more effectively and to control his other form(s). Eon is known for being covered in scars and stitches, even having metal plates in his skin to hold his flesh up. He carries various gadgets, namely his Sniper Gun, a Cloaking Device, and explosive Yo-Yo's. He was revealed to be another S-Class Gateon named Wrath
  • Jolly Rabbit - a rabbit who's a bit of a playboy when it comes to women. He has four girlfriends, Cherry Bunny, Mia Phase, Honey Buns, and Pachei. Jolly mostly acts like a child, but becomes serious when he needs to be. He spends most of his time playing games that involve gambling or fooling around with his ladies. Jolly is also and being known as a Hitokage. His true form is that of a dragon with two heads on the side of his neck and a large eye on his chest and goes by the title "The Uroboros". He has a number VII tattooed just above his crotch and his real name is Joylez.


The Hitokages are the main antagonists of the series until the very end of the story. Hitokages are a group of individuals who have the same genetic structure as their mother (yet unrevealed). Though none of them look related (excluding the twins) they all are related by blood. They are ranked based on the color of their numbers (Highest: 1,12,7,4,13 to Lowest: 2,3,5,6,8,9,10,11)

  • I: Gate - the Angel - Gate is the group's leader who watches over the others waiting for a chance to reunite them with their mother. It seems that his primary weapon is using emeralds. His number "I" is on his forehead.
  • II: Alte'r - the Gemini - the second born of the Hitokages. His main power is to split into two bodies and attack with beam swords. His number "II" is on his right arm.
  • III: Pierre - the Thousand Rose - The third Hitokage. Though born with a woman's body, Pierre is actually a homosexual boy who speaks French and often flirts with those of the same sex. His main weapon is plants and is able to manipulate them at will. His number "III" is on his left hand.
  • IV: Dexaqual - the Shield/Tundra - The forth Hitokage. Probably the most altered character in the series, consistently changing his appearance to better fit fighting situations. It was revealed that his current body isn't his real one. Dexaqual uses Ice elemental powers. His number "IV" is found under his right eye.
  • V: Empressta - the Life Giver - The fifth Hitokage who is also the first female of the group. She has a unique ability to asexually reproduce smaller versions of herself. Her offspring only last 15 minutes and is often troubled by her mixed moods. She is sometimes seen pregnant or on her period so she barks and yells at her other siblings or anyone else for that matter. Her number "V" is shown on her breast.

Other Worlds[edit]

It was shown in a recent poster of characters that there are 12 worlds altogether (not counting the side stories that may appear later on). Each has their respective protagonist and antagonist for the series and appear in that order. Though it was revealed that some world timelines take place before others in an obscure order and also some events that happen in one world may not reflect in others (ex. World Gates IV takes place before World Gates I and that Jolly appears in World Gates VII with no relation to being a Hitokage).

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