Shale Tukalan

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Shale Tukalan is a river otter, created by author Shea M. C. He first debuted on a furry fandom site known as FurryFaire and had become an upper-class citizen with mild popularity. His current age is unknown but it is believed he is around his early twenties.

The first novel he had appeared in was one titled Shale’s Journal and had portrayed him as a young boy, set in a medieval era. Basically this novel was about his younger, more unknown years. In the book, he is at a ripe age of ten years old. After his adoptive father, Curse, had died, Shale had dedicated his life to what he and Curse had been doing since he could remember, helping people.

He is often associated and noticed by his normal otterish appearance, brown fur and cream-colored ventral area including chin, chest, belly and inner thighs and underneath his long tail. His eyes are a bright green, almost as if glowing and his hair/head fur is long, straight and black, down to his lower back. He has a fairly feminine appearance though recently, he had built some upper body muscle but not enough to be considered a threat

But to consider him weak is a very bad misconception. With special supernatural powers at his aid, Shale very much has the potential to destroy a city easily if he so wished. His multiple Finalhazard forms allow him to become any element, shape, size, strength, or even power he wanted. A Finalhazard is a fictional clan of species, dedicated to protecting the common good of the people, powerful beyond recognition and often having either angelic or demonic-like appearances. Shale is perhaps the second most powerful of the Finalhazards; the first being his father, Lord Tukalan, dark lord of the Finalhazards and demi-god.

His mother, Maria Tukalan died peacefully shortly after birthing Shale, as her body was a mortal and she was not strong enough to hold Shale. Her death would be more tragic but she at least got to see and hold her son, giving him the name, Zaskel before the passed out and died. Shale had always wanted to meet his parents but he never got his chance, being raised by a necromancer named Curse. It is believed that Curse might have been a distant relative, perhaps Maria’s brother or perhaps that Curse was appointed by Lord Tukalan to watch over his son. Or perhaps he was just the right stranger to be in the right place to save the otter pup from the stream, wrapped up in a bundle. Either way it was there and then that Curse had given Zaskel his name, after the necromancer had witnessed Zaskel teething on a flat slate of shale rock, naming him Shale from then on.

Shale had grown up, becoming a young boy of ten years old, traveling with Curse until the unfortunate incident where seven bandits came riding down the path and attempted to mug the old mage. Shale had gotten away reluctantly after his adoptive father had told him to flee but when the bandits saw that he had no money, they ran him through, leaving him to die on the side of the road. It is there, that a heartbreaking moment for Shale was to unfold, followed by a miraculous discovery as Curse had revealed to Shale his unknown powers. They were weak at first but as life would go on; he would be stronger and eventually stop aging to become more powerful. After telling Shale this and an exchange of “I love you’s”, Curse had finally died, passing on into the afterlife. The rest is in Shale’s Journal and it begins there with him, told as his point of view as he writes in a book.