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Shadowfox and his favorite cup of coffee...

Shadowfox is a German furry. Since he came across the furry fandom in 1996, he has attended many meetings and conventions.

Furry-related activities[edit]

Shadowfox has been active as a writer of animal-related fiction as well as non-fictional texts for many years. His first book, a 350-page analysis of hunting in Germany, was published in 1994. Since then, he has published numerous magazine articles, most of which deal with foxes and fox-hunting.

Shadowfox operates Germany's most well-known web site about foxes,, and has been active in the protection of foxes and other wild animals for many years. Together with Chama C. Fox, he founded the web banner campaign Furries Against Hunting, which focuses on the abolition of sport hunting.


Shadowfox is a non-morphic European red fox male (Vulpes Vulpes). His slender body is covered in fluffy fur, and his bushy tail ends in an unusual dark-grey tip with an oval spot of white on the underside. His paws and the backsides of his ears are of a dark, velvety black, while his chest and belly region as well as the inner sides of his legs are white – very bright at the chest and belly, and a bit more cream-coloured at the inside of the legs. Right under both of his eyes, there are a few strands of black fur.

His left shoulder shows a scar, several centimetres long, where a hunter's bullet once pierced his skin. Fortunately for Shadowfox, it was only a grazing shot.

Real life[edit]

Shadowfox lives in Southern Germany, spending as much time as possible with his long-time girlfriend Alpha_Ki. He likes nature walks, listening to progressive rock and metal, reading animal and fantasy novels, playing or hosting pen and paper role-playing games like Ironclaw, and driving sporty cars.

Shadowfox co-owns and manages two small software companies which also employ a few furries.

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