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Shadow D Wolf is a furry.
Shadow D Wolf (center) at the Mechanicsfur Furmeet
His fursona is a black and gray fox-husky hybrid (fusky), often depicted as having a green mohawk.

His alternate fursona Ranger, is an orange and black tiger.
Shadow is a writer, fursuiter, and photographer, and he is also a staff member at Anthrocon.

In 2015, due to a leave of absence by the previous director, Shadow became the acting Director of Artists Alley at Anthrocon. This role was made official in 2016, and Shadow has been fulfilling the duties of Director since then.

Due to the confusion with the Shadow D Wolf from the West Coast, Shadow has taken to jokingly referring to himself as "East Coast Shadow D Wolf" as well as "The SDWolf that works at Anthrocon".

In everyday life outside of furry, Shadow is employed as an Information Systems Security Officer.


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