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Shadowspawn Soothsayer first came on the furry scene about 1993, and created his first FurryMUCK character, Shadowspawn, in 1994. He has used the name on several furry themed mucks, although as of 2006 he has not frequented any of them in some time. He is a regular attendee of several conventions; his first was Confurence East. He has volunteered in registration at Anthrocon.

Shadowspawn is a member of the Torfur, the Toronto Furry group, but no longer very active due to work, and driving distance.

He used to be an estate managers on Furnation Worlds in Second Life where he owned the sim Reia. He later moved the sim, renamed it Karibu and added the sim Makazi. These furry sims form a growing community of furs and non-furs. All are welcome.

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