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This article is about the Montana fur. There is also a Texan fur named Shadowfox8588.
ShadowFox as drawn by Dingbat.

ShadowFox, also known as ShadowFox24, is a fur who lives in Montana, U.S.A.[1] His fursona is a grey fox who wears a dark brown trenchcoat and grey fedora hat. Although unaware of the furry fandom until 1998, he has been a fur since 1994.

ShadowFox is a vocal advocate of the political ideology of Reagan Conservatism. Although a lifelong conservative, he is not a Republican and is registered Independent.

Most of ShadowFox's interests (travel, music, cars, planes, architecture, even home decor) are a throwback to the late 1930s.

ShadowFox is a Marine Corps veteran.


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