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Steve Simmons and granddaughter Caitlyn, taken at ConClave 32

Steve Simmons aka Sgt. Steve is a member of the Dorsai Irregulars. He posts on the Anthrocon boards as Sgt. Steve. He can also be found in a wide variety of other fandoms, especially filk, technology, and literature.

In daylight hours (and the occasional on-call shift) Steve is a UNIX systems manager and systems architect at the University of Michigan. He primarily works in management of AFS file systems. This requires expertise with AFS itself, high-end file servers, the Kerberos security system, high-reliability backup, and disaster recovery.

Steve has been married to Ruth Simmons since 1978. They have two children, Kate and Rob, and grandchildren Caitlyn and Connor.

He was first introduced to Furry fandom when the Dorsai Irregulars got the security contract at Anthrocon. He was so intrigued by the glowing reports coming back from the DI who worked Anthrocon that he worked the next one, and has not missed one since. At Anthrocon Steve is usually in the Convention Operations room, where he serves as a shift supervisor and assistant Duty Officer. He works or has worked similar roles Furfright, Furry Connection North and others.

Steve has written or co-written several songs about Anthrocon, including We're Working Anthrocon and The Anthrocon Recruiting Song. He can be induced to sing with sufficient application of good scotch and the loan of a guitar.

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