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Author(s) Owner/Founder: Jeremy Bernal
  • Art direction and PR: Scappo
Launch date 2000
End date Ongoing
Genre Pay website
Web NC-17

SexyFur is a for-pay website owned by Jeremy Bernal, who was once also the site's primary contributor. Art-related operations and PR are now largely run by Scappo.[1] SexyFur specializes in hand-drawn/digitally inked and colored furotica, although stories (both in text and in audio) are also stored there.

It advertises weekly updates, and meets this standard. The site has been in existence since at least the year 2000; its mascot is the rabbit Sasha, created by Jeremy Mullins.

SexyFur sells various types of merchandise, including books, comics, art prints and print sets, clothing, mousepads, figurine sets, and even such unusual items as stickers and air fresheners. SexyFur is associated with one other production: Grind Magazine.

The sister site of SexyFur is Tail Heat.








Champagne is a popular recurring vulpine character from SexyFur. Champagne is an anthropomorphic, blonde-haired stripper. Her style and looks have changed over time. There is not much information about the character. Champagne was originally a creation of Jeremy Bernal. Champagne wears a gold band on her left arm along with her signature black leather lingerie.


Sasha Sexyfur.jpg

Sasha is a fictional character created by Jeremy Bernal. This busty and lusty rabbit is widely seen as the SexyFur website mascot.


Her trademark tattoos include: A lightning bolt that runs from her left collarbone all the way down to her left thigh; A smaller lightning bolt (though in some cases, an almost runic symbol) found just below her midriff, a tribal tattoo around her left eye; and a lesser known, small "cat paw" print tattoo on her right hip, near her tail.


Since her creation, Sasha has been the subject of many of Bernal's website updates, having the largest gallery on, and has also been made into wallpapers and Winamp skins. She has also been quoted in audio diaries voiced by an unknown woman who was either hired to read the scripts or a fan volunteering for the role.[citation needed]

Numerous stories have been written from the first-person perspective of Sasha as well,[citation needed] following along with little commentaries in certain furry pornography magazines whenever she is featured.

Sasha serves as the major attraction for the SexyFur website, helping to pull in more subscribers each day alongside other SexyFur stars Black Widow, Champagne, Orchid, the Wolf/Skunk hybrid Miami, Rosalie, and Dawn.


  1. Artist spotlight: Jeremy Bernal; a retrospective - Isiah Jacobs, Flayrah (14 January 2013)

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