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Sevlow T. Wolf is a wolf furry artist from Vancouver, Washington, USA.


Real Name: Tyak. He likes to draw free-hand style, often covering an Anime or Cartoon-like range of styles. He has several sub-characters that he rarely uses, such as Ken Reed, Struve Thuban, and Eon Wildclaw.

He likes to be social with as many of people as he can

Character design[edit]

Sevlow: He is a blue wolf with a white front and a light blue back. his fox like tail is half light blue and the other half with the tip is white. He has long head fur of a dark blue color. The hair is stylized so the front frames his face and then on the backside of his head to run down to his mid back. For clothing, he likes to go without a shirt, however, he does often wear his black duster. he also wears slightly overly long jeans that just start to bunch up around his ankles. He does not wear shoes to show of his darker blue claws. Physically fit, Sevlow has an athletic appearance with low if any body fat clearly shown by his well defined muscle.

Ken Reed: A heavily Muscled Buck with a gut, standing at 6'9", he is easily the largest character among his creations. With Brown Fur and Semi-long White hair, he is a handsome guy who likes to play around with anyone he can get his hooves on. For Clothes, he is usually wearing a red button down with a white tee or workout shirt below, Black Jeans and no shoes.

Struve Thuban: A thickly built muscle Fox. he has a muscle gut build, however, his abs are very pronounced within the gut, so he hangs on a balance of Muscled and having a Gut. He is the most violent character, not very playful, he is very serious in any situation. His choice of clothing is a Tight Red Tee that shows off his torso, a pair of Brown Jeans, to accent his angry red-style theme. He's the least likely to appear in anything sexual.

Eon Wildclaw: The only Female among creations, Eon has a thin, lean muscular build, and was created for the sole purpose of having a female character. She's athletic and has an odd fashion sense, wearing a dirty grey cloak over a light blue bra and cutoff jeans, also wearing sneakers or tennis shoes. She has no personality, known as the oddball of the group.


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