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SevenFisher (real name Steven Kennedy Fisher); born 1988), is a furry fan who lives in Dalmellington, Ayrshire, Scotland.


Seven's fursona is basically same as his own self but in form of BuffaDog-Man, a dog/buffalo hybrid. He lacks the sense of hearing (due to being deaf) and smell (due to often having a cold) but has rather good 'sight' as well superior 'feel' senses. Seven "The BuffaDog-Man" Fisher is known for having a troubled life in past, but he occasionally tries to be positive and is usually mistaken for being 'most cheerful guy' while he does really had troubled life. Still, he really enjoyed living his life, and enjoys the company of his friends. While it is hard to make him angry (unless, of course, he lose often on videogames), he does have bad temper problem.

His breed is basically a black/white collie which reflects to his dogs, Sam (who died in 2004) Mac and Sky (new-ish additional family members to Fisher family). He's the tallest (6ft) and biggest (19 stone, more of big build with chubbiness and also feet size of 12-13) member of his whole family. He's also part bovine - hence being BuffaDog-Man. His fursona's personality reflects his own real life self - meaning same hobbies, likes, dislikes and such. As of the moment, SevenFisher is known to enjoy boozing and videogames, which is two of his main things to do in life.

He had two older fursonas, one which is based on Sonic The Hedgehog series: "Seven The Hedgehog", later scrapped as Seven doesn't do roleplaying anymore(It is noted that, when Seven The Hedgehog was first formed, the user has no idea there was furry fandom at all). His second fursona was pure border collie (black/white) dog, or rather, "Dogman".

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