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Seth Drake is a furry writer who lives in Germany.[1] His fursona is a dragon.


Seth has been writing for the furry fandom since 1993, when he was a founding member of the first Herpetophile Mailing List (HML).[1] From 1993 to 1996, he wrote exclusively for the HML in both of its first two incarnations. His major works were a linked series of chapters under the general title _SeHT, Gold Dragon Lord, and a short romantic novel entitled The Fox and the Dragon. In addition to this, he wrote poetry and other fiction of various lengths.

Seth endured a creative hiatus for almost a decade, before resuming writing around 2006, when he made some of his output available on Fur Affinity and YiffStar.

Seth is a member of the Furry Writers' Guild, and has had two stories published in anthologies by Anthropomorphic Dreams Publishing. God Keep You, Tommy appeared in Alone in the Dark (October, 2008), and It Always Rains Here appeared in Different Worlds, Different Skins (October, 2009).

In 2016, Seth was a guest of honor at Fur-Xoticon.[2]


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