Sergal Amino

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Sergal Amino
Author(s) Owner: FreezerBladeQwerty

Founders: Takahi] and MkAnxiety33

Status Active
Launch date June 10, 2016
Genre Social media community

Sergal Amino is a community on the social app Amino that is dedicated to the Sergal species of the furry fandom. Founded By Takahi and MkAnxiety33 on July 12th 2017, On January 2nd 2019 It became listed.

Services, features and community[edit]

All features on Sergal Amino are like the other communities on the Amino communities app.

Users are able to make posts, chat, ask questions, post images, make polls, quiz other members, Put in wiki's save drafts and follow each other. Following will allow you to see the posts of the people you follow in your following tag.

This Amino follows the Official Amino guidelines as well has a set of rules that are available to anyone.


Sergal Amino's staff as of November 2018 include: