Seratulhis Hayenkthemet

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Seratulhis Hayenkthemet, also known as Seratuhl, is the main fursona of James Monte, a professional chef and engineer from northern California.

Art Style[edit]

James makes doodles, but is known for the music he makes. His style was inspired by Frank Keplacki, famed composer for videogames and television. His music is composed of electronic sounds, beats, and some guitar riffs. James' music, however, was not made by himself. He has friends who help him make music in their spare time.


Seratuhl is an Illithid, a fictional race of anthropomorphic, hermaphrodite octopi or squid from the pen and paper RPG, Dungeons and Dragons. Seratuhl stands at 5"6" ft and weighs about 125 pounds. He/she is also cold blooded, but possesses some mammalian traits ( particularly male and female genitalia ). Seratuhl also possesses wet, smooth skin and sports four facial tentacles that are approximately 3-4 feet each.


Seratuhl, due to his/her Illithid heritage, is egotistical and megalomaniacal. He/She is also very hedonistic, and seeks pleasure through the suffering of others. Seratuhl is also schizophrenic, and is often locked in mental combat with her "good" side. Seratuhl also suffers from a bipolar disorder, causing him/her to go in unexpected mood swings.

The Brain Slurpee[edit]

A famed invention of Seratuhl that was conceived in October 3, 2007. Combined with the fresh brains of intelligent organisms and several syrup flavourings, it was the perfect beverage for Illithids. It's sales skyrocketed in the Underdark, earning millions and topping the beverage sales chart. The beverage was soon marketed to the surface world, where dark-natured citizens, brain devouring aliens, and Chuck Norris can enjoy its sweet, 10+ intelligence-boosting flavour. No one knows what Seratuhl does with his/her immense profits, but it is rumoured that he/she is spending it on high-grade military weapons and daemonic artifacts.

Relations with Ordo Bestarius[edit]

Seratuhl is allied with Ordo Bestarius, an internet terrorist organization bent on destroying and enslaving furries. The rumours have sparked in October 29, 2007, in a furry chat room. Seratuhl denied his/her relations with Ordo Bestarius, and was often flamed via hate mail. However, in late November, Seratuhl became more open with his/her relations with Ordo Bestarius, and was claiming that the furry fandom is " a tragic, low-leveled amalgamations of fur and thought ". No one knows why Ordo Bestarius didn't attack Seratuhl, despite his/her furry nature. It is rumoured that Ordo Bestarius's leader is Seratuhl his/herself or is possibly good friends with the leader.

Seratuhl and Cthulhu[edit]

Though most Illithids worship Ilsensine, Seratuhl, on the other hand, worships Lord Cthulhu. Seratuhl is a very devout follower of Cthulhu, and has been known to preach in his name. Seratuhl often performs bizarre forms of Cthulhu worship, ranging from sexual worship to sacrificial offerings. Despite Cthulhu's tendency to abuse his followers, Seratuhl remains devoted to him, and is addicted to his punishments. In the Fur Affinity Forums, Seratuhl often uses the user title "Cthulhu's lovely Seraphim" to show his/her devotion to the lord of madness.


Seratuhl often dresses in skin-tight, sadomasochistic outfits. He/she is also known for wearing daedric armors and futuristic powersuits.

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