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Seppel is the co-owner of Tail Kiss Studio (formerly Seppel Creaions), a game development studio and publisher. Seppel has also voiceacted for Misteroo's Arfenhouse and 8-Bitch Fyve, both containing a few furry characters. He regularly attends Anthrocon and a dozen other conventions as an exhibitor.

Seppel's notable projects:

  • Furoticon - An adult furry trading card game released in June 2009. New card sets are released twice per year.
  • The Rabbit Hole - A database of characters, added by their players, describing their sexual roleplaying preferences. Contains over 200 kinks, and a search function. Was originally intended for Furcadia but since expanded. Ran from May 2006 - August 2013; will return in the coming years.
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