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A portrait of Sein, done by Mondelle

Sein Kraft, also known as Goat Mew, is represented as a shemale blue snow leopard/goat hybrid with bighorn sheep-like horns, has been a Argentinean member of the furry fandom since early 2006. He was born in Buenos Aires and is still living there. Sein Kraft founded with Blaya, and is an organizer of Furry Night.


Sein has a wide variety of hobbies and interests. In addition to electronics and software developing also enjoys watching animated films and television shows.


Sein owns two fursuits of his snow leopard/goat character. It was designed with reference art commissioned from Moondelle, and both suits were constructed by Koshka Fursuits.

The first fursuit was a semi-realistic version of his character using a resine base from DreamVision Creations.

The second one was made in toony style.

Furry conventions and Events[edit]

Sein has attended the following furry conventions / events:

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