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Seil Dolarhyde, also known as RedcapXIII (born June 5, 1991), is an amateur anthro artist who specialises in traditional artworks. He resides in Greater Manchester, UK, and is planning on studying Graphic Design at Bolton University

Being a student, Seil's artistic style can vary, but tends to stay within the realms of Graphic Art or Expressionism.

Despite holding a quite negative view on the furry fandom (for reasons such as over-sexualization), and not classing himself as an active member of the fandom, as of March, 2011, Seil reguarly attends the Monthly Furmeets in Manchester with his current partner.


Seil's character is a Striped Hyena with markings typical of a member of that species and some based loosely on PCB. He has orange eyes, the darker muzzle and underbelly typical of Striped Hyenas and stripes down his side that reach out from a primary stripe down his back which starts at the base of his red mohawk, running down to the tip of his tail. He also has a slightly curved chevron at the side of each eye.

Previously Seil's character was a teal wolf, again with both natural and more geometric markings, resembling a timber wolf and fox. The change was brought about by a change in his outlook on life.

He is most commonly depicted as wearing black or red, and is usually dressed in jeans, an open shirt, and a t-shirt. However, more recently, Seil has been drawing his character in attire typical of a Janitor, due to his part time work. He also has his ears pierced 5 times, the left 3 and the right twice. Two of the piercings, one on each ear, are stretched to 10mm, and are usually fitted with Flesh Tunnels.

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