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SeiRruf T. WolFoSki (born March 21, 1992) is a future fursuiter living in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A. He has been in the fandom since around 2003, but has been quite quiet about the idea until recent 2007.


SeiRruf is a male Husky/Fox/Wolf hybrid. He is hyper, playful, can be a bit weird, but overall is quite random with maintaining a professional appearance whenever possible.

SeiRruf's character came to be in 2007/2008 on Furry4Life, and various Instant Messangers chats. Originally, SeiRruf went by "FurryLAE", which was really his human furry name. However, this was plain, boring and Needed to be spiced up. Months Later, after deciding on names, He came up with "SeiRruf". Which was the first name written on his teachers white board, during his Student Aide period. The capital "R" in the name was designed to throw people off, and drive them away from knowing, SeiRruf's name, was actually "Furries" spelt backwards. The T. as of now, is short for "The", piecing together SeiRruf's species with his name. When ever the "T." is not present, it was lead to be assumed his species was actually his last name. As of March 2018, it has been discovered SeiRruf's last name may actually be "Wilde".

SeiRruf's species has fluctuated as his character has developed. First being known as a "MalaWolSki" (Malamute/Wolf/Husky) with Husky dominant, to later being the WolFoSki (Wolf/Fox/Husky) we know him as today. Except Husky was always dominant until recently, when it was hinted that both Husky and Fox species were dominant.

Commissioned art of SeiRruf's fursona is known to exist as of early 2018, but has yet to be commissioned in full and surfaced for public view.


  • SeiRruf has currently been spending the year of 2010 assembling his soon to come website, in 2011. thats main purpose is still yet unknown.
  • SeiRruf is working on a project known as CODE DOMINATION, where furries, or anyone, anywhere in the world will be able to control the lights in his room, as well as see them via live webcam as well. This site can be found at
  • In the making, comes a project titled as SeiNimate, another project by SeiRruf to animate his christmas lights for the christmas season to music. This project however will only be seen on youtube through videos, or to the local furs and or people that notice the flashing house as they walk or drive by. This site can be found at

The Fursuit[edit]

SeiRruf currently owns no fursuits, but is planning on having one commissioned for him later in his near future. This also includes commissioning a fursona drawing of his own.

Conventions attended[edit]

  • One day, June 2nd, 2017 of BLFC 2017.
  • May 11th & May 12th, 2018 of BLFC 2018 planned.

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