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Seattle Fur
Author(s) Rain-yatsu
Update schedule Weekly
Launch date October 3, 2012
End Date Continuing
Cover art drawn by Rain-yatsu

Seattle Fur is a gay furry webcomic created by artist Rain-yatsu

Set in present day Seattle, Washington, the comic chronicles the protagonist Rainier (aka Rain) as he deals with the relationships between him and his friends. The style of the comic fluctuates as the artist changes media and experiments with different art styles. Launched on October 3, 2012, the comic updates on an irregular basis. As of August 29, 2013, there have been 26 pages added to the main story arch, 5 pages of a prequel involving Rain's best friend Garret, 2 pages of non-cannon sexual scenes, and one filler page featuring Rain's father.


Rain, Garret, and Tim have always been good friends, but Garret and Tim have feelings for Rain that he cannot return due to his heterosexuality and faithfulness to his rambunctious girlfriend, Nora. While Rain always knew of his friends' feelings towards him, he has managed to avoid the subject on a serious level. An internal conflict within Rain makes it difficult for him to figure out how he should go about handling the situation.

When Rain meets a friendly bear named Rick at his regular hang out coffee shop, they discuss his predicament, motivating Rain to take a more serious approach to his friends' admiration.


  • Rain, the main character, is a straight grey husky in his early 20s. He works at a comic/novelty store with his friend Tim, at Pikes market in downtown Seattle.
  • Garret, Rain's childhood friend, is a bisexual panda in his mid 20s. He works as a fitness instructor and has always had a deep sexual attraction for Rain. It was revealed in Seattle Fur Memories that Garret actually fell in love with Rain at an early age but had forgotten about those events since growing up. But, while Rain constantly refuses Garret's advances, he realizes that he is not just attracted to Rain sexually. He holds bitter feelings towards Nora for making Rain unavailable, thinking if Rain were single he could have a better chance at asking him out or getting him in bed.
  • Tim, Rain and Garret's high school friend, is a gay brown cat in his early 20s (more-or-less a year younger than Rain). He works at the comic/novelty store with Rain and has a deep emotional crush on him. While he comes off as energetic and outgoing, when it comes to Rain acting kindly towards him he gets flustered and shy. Unlike Garret, Tim is not aware that Rain knows of his feelings for him. He does not realize that his attraction towards Rain is obvious to a casual bystander. He gets along with Nora despite her getting him into trouble sometimes.
  • Nora, Rain's girlfriend, a lightly toned blonde cat, the same age as Rain. She is a gearhead who sculps wrecked cars and likes to break rules in order for everyone to have a good time. She is aware of Rain's situation but brushes it off as silly guy stuff that they will get over eventually. She loves hanging out with Rain and his friends but is oblivious to the fact that Garret despises her.
  • Rick, a bear that Rain met one day at his favorite coffee shop. He has a general interest in Rain and was disappointed to find out he was straight and taken. While he appears sweet and harmless, readers are lead to believe he might have some ulterior motive with Rain.


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