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Comics F/X: The Comics Fandom Examiner Magazine was a newspaper local to Seattle, Washington that contained small-press comic book news and reviews. Issue #1 was released in April 1988, running twenty issues to 1992. It was published by MU Press. The initial editors, the "Seattle Four", were Edd Vick, Hal Hargit, Jeff Wood, and Wade Busby. The "Seattle Four" was a humorous self-imposed nickname applied by the editors of the Comics F/X cartoonist trade journal. MU Press publisher Edd Vick represented the godfather of the operation, Bird Comics publisher Hal Hargit (aka Buddy Smith) provided numerous contacts and performed interviews, Pseudo Comics publisher Jeffrey H Wood handled the mail and subscription chores, and Brigade Comics publisher Wade Busby performed most of the paste-up and layout duties.

Later editors included Toivo Rovainen and Chris Lightfoot. Furry (or related) artists whose comic strips were included in some issues are Kyle Miller, Jeff Wood, and Colin Upton.

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