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Sean Isiulgot, or just Sean, also known as Sean aka God, is a non-fur who used to be a member and administrator on the critic site, EAF (Eat All Furries).


Sean was also a member of the Eat All Furries LiveJournal community. Sean took the EAF's LiveJournal administrator duties when constant, massive trolling of the board drove away most of its known/active members (Singing Circus Dog, Tensai Nezumi, etc...) away.[citation needed] He would remains an administrator there until the community was suspended in early 2004 by the LiveJournal's LJ-Abuse team, following complaints from other LJ users.

Sean also spoused a radical solution to the "furry problem":

Sean Isiulgot
Leave them be--the complete and utter lack of intrabreeding coupled with the likewise total lack of desire for non-furries to couple with them will lead furry's first generation to be its last[citation needed]
Sean Isiulgot

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