Sean Blackthorne

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Sean Blackthorne
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Other names DarkStranger, DonkeySeanJr, Kobe Miggins
Born September 13, 1981
Date of death March 20, 2020
Spouse(s) or mate(s) Tori (Torishima Eve)
Profession or hobby Furry artist, fursuiter
Character species Dog

Sean Blackthorne, also known as DarkStranger, DonkeySeanJr, and as Kobe Miggins in Second Life (born September 13, 1981,[1] died March 20, 2020),[2] was a furry artist and fursuiter who lived in Dunwoody, Georgia, USA,[1] with his wife, Tori (Torishima Eve).

Fandom involvement[edit]

Sean's fursona was a dog and his fursuit was constructed by Jill0r.[3]


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