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Scyra is a character in The Quest for Fun.

Scyra is an Amazon from Darkloch. Self-confident, outlandish, she is usually carefree, happy and not used to be into troubles; she was, as a matter of fact, one of the most skilled huntress of her tribe.

She is especially good with weapons as clubs, maces, sticks and chains weapons as flails and nunchaku. Her weak point can be found in her naiveness: she doesn't know the world since she came down from her mountain village just recently to accomplish the quest to find males for her sisters.

Anyway, she does not let this vagueness to trouble her, since she is naturally curious and learn very quickly. Her real downside resides in matriarchal means of life leading her to side too much with women against men, even when they are blatant wrong. To Scyra each and every woman is a sister and men are just "accessories" or even only sex toys.

This description was taken from the Vixine site, and it is posted here with the authorization of the authors.