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Scratch is a programing language and website created by the MIT, targeted primarily at children 8-16 as an educational tool for coding. Users on the website could share projects, and "remix" existing ones.


Scratch 1.0 was launched in 2007, with various versions following years later. As of June 30th, 2021, they have 73,904,927 users registered and 80,800,370 projects shared.[1]

Furry Involvement[edit]

Historically, many furries have used this website to post Animation Memes, Animated Music Videos, and art. The Scratch Team has featured these type of projects and many have made it into top loved/top remixed. There are also multiple studios dedicated to furry projects. Many of these studios are also dedicated to ending online Anti-furry hate comments.

Furry role models exist on the site as well, such as OmbraTheFurry2, a highly popular furry artist and animation meme creator. She has inspired many people in both the animation meme community and the furry community.

Unfortunately, the lack of awareness of the Scratch website’s open-source and use of the Creative Commons license, as well as lack of awareness among users to not engage with trolls, lead to much unfiltered toxicity and hate speech on the site, with people "recoloring" art (taking someone else's art and just changing the colors) without credit, claiming others' code as their own, reposting, and a lot of theft accusations made by young children who don't know the difference between "art theft" and "gift art," or that two different peoples' art styles can look similar, but not be the same. However, the #SaveScratch movement has worked hard to stop this, and, for the most part, their efforts have succeeded.

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  • [2] official website

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