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Scott Ruggels (full Scott Albert Henry Ruggels), is a greymuzzle furry artist who works in the computer game industry in California, USA, and has much experience with technical illustration.

Fandom involvement[edit]

He inked Terrie Smith's pencils on issues 3, 4, and part of 5 of Red Shetland for GraphXPress. His work has also appeared in the pages of Furrlough. He was one of the moderators on Yerf, and he is an occasional convention attendee. He was a GOH at the first C-ACE in 2002.

In addition to his online activities, Scott was a long-time member of Huzzah, Centaurs Gatherum and a participant artist in the Barr Wars, and would occasionally provide artwork for paper gaming publishers, such as R. Talsorian Games, Tri Tac Systems, and Hero Games. He enjoys WW2 re-enactment, guns and tanks, and is a staunch conservative.

The Demon in Mageworld was originally a custom player model for the game Quake 2 he created in 1998, and was modified and used with permission in the new game mod.

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